Craco is a ghost town (or paesi fantasma) in Southern Italy, in the region of Basilicata. The old town is perched high on cliff, over looking miles and miles of grassy rolling hills and ancient olive groves. I was asked by the owners of Brigantessa to join them on a research trip of Southern Italy, to document their explorations with pictures. One quiet, grey day we explored the ruins of one of Italy’s most mesmerizing and melancholy towns. 

In 1963 Craco was evacuated due to a catastrophic landslide. The residents were forced to leave, and soon the remains began to crumble, and nature took root in the homes. The town’s only inhabitants now are some sheep, a few goats, and what appeared to be a lone donkey. We walked through winding alleyways admiring the stunning architecture, layers of history in stone and brick, and I felt a deep sadness, yet profound appreciation for the story as it unfolded.

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